Leadership & Conflict Consultation

Workshop Facilitation

Leadership and conflict management skills are an important asset for any organisation seeking to improve team efficiency and cohesion. Conflict and leadership training workshops are an effective way to support the professional development of your teams. Joel has substantial experience developing and presenting workshop content for local and international organisations, and can work collaboratively with your business to create and deliver the training package that’s right for you.


Navigating conflict well is a daunting task. Without effective intervention, even minor disputes within an organisation have the potential to escalate into issues of significant concern. If you’re concerned about the risk of conflict within your small business, church, or community organisation, bringing in an independent mediator can help resolve issues before they escalate, or limit the damage caused by major conflict. Joel is a fully trained facilitated mediation provider, and can offer professional services tailored to the needs of your organisation. Gain the benefit of proven conflict resolution processes at competitive rates - contact us about mediation services today.

Conflict Coaching

Within every challenging conflict there is the potential for personal growth. Conflict coaching services empower individuals in conflict to better understand their circumstances and themselves, as they develop and apply strategies for effective conflict management and resolution. Trained in conflict coaching through James Cook University’s Conflict Management Program, Joel is equipped to support you in finding creative, effective and practical ways to navigate your personal conflicts, whatever the context.

About Joel

Joel is a graduate of James Cook University and holds Master’s Degrees in Business Administration, and Conflict Management and Resolution. He is passionate about equipping organisations with the skills and support services required to work effectively in teams and minimise the risk of destructive conflict.

A Townsville resident for close to a decade, Joel understands the community well, and is enthusiastic about supporting local businesses with conflict and leadership solutions specifically tailored to the unique needs of regional Queensland.

Joel is particularly interested in the field of cross-cultural conflict management, and approaches his professional practice from a position of cultural sensitivity and awareness. His services value and seek to integrate the specific needs of individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds.

Joel offers a broad range of consulting and support services to suit the needs of your organisation, and would love to respond to any enquiries you may have.


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